Navicular Success Story - part 3. Stephenie Lujan

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My name is Stephenie and I am 27 years-old with a 7 year-old son and another on the way. My son, husband, mother and father all enjoy riding and training horses together. My dad is our wonder horse foot master! He had raised, trained, and shown me how to do everything with a Palomino mare. This mare was always one-of-a-kind. But the time came when I outgrew her. That was when she was 14 and she was being left at home, which was her worst nightmare. She would run, kick and buck and wanted to be the number one horse still. Feeling bad for her, I decided I needed to try and find a younger rider/owner who would love her and be able to make her feel like she was the number one horse again. I found her a new home and sold her, which was heartbreaking for the whole family, but I was confident that someone could love her the same as I had. Long story short, four years and a handful of owner’s later, I received an upset call. Someone else had now purchased our palomino mare and she was now extremely lame and could barely walk due to Navicular. They wanted to return her to us as she was now too lame to ride. A little uncertain what I could do to help, I went and picked her up - she was so lame that she could barely step into the trailer. Once home, I begun to check her over and straight away noticed two things that needed to be addressed: she was extremely overweight and had horrible wedge-toes cut off from shoeing. I decided to put her in a big dry lot and on a diet. My amazing father pulled her shoes off and trimmed her down to have a balanced, more natural level-foot. The time came in that she was so lame and sore I almost considered having her put her down, being over 18 years-old and in so much foot pain. However, I decided we would keep working on keeping her barefoot and reducing her weight. My 7 year-old son fell in love with my old horse and would help me take her on walks and move her around in the sandy pen - anything he could do to help. Now, 7 months later, she's never been more sound in her life. My son enjoys taking her on long trail and trotting rides, as well as riding in the arena around barrels. She is finally pain free and barefoot. I had been looking into purchasing Scoot Boots to give her added hoof protection while out trail riding. I never want to take her down the shoeing route again. This week my son was out of school for Thanksgiving break and we were able to take three long trails and enjoy some family time in the great weather. My mare’s name is Honey and I am so glad to be able to win a pair of Scoot Boots booties so my son and Honey can keep on riding together. Thank you -  Stephenie, Taytum and Honey.

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