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Today I thought I'd post photos ... just photos.  Of HEALTHY hooves.  You are free to compare YOUR horses' hooves with these photos. I've taken photos from my own clients as well as from other Hoofcare Practitioners (labeled) ... all represent sound, healthy hooves. Something that we ALL want for our horses. 

You may notice differences in the 'style' of the trim in these hooves pictured below. That's because there just isn't 'one trim that fits all' anymore than there's 'one shoe that fits all' (thinking of human shoes, here) ... A good hoofcare person is going to know what specifics are indicated for the individual hoof on the individual horse.  So -- take a good look-see and enjoy!  Let me know how your horse's hooves compare. 


barefoottrim.com  (Student trims)


Monika Martin, Balanced Hoof Services

Paige Poss, ironfreehoof.com


Erin Celia,  The Holistic Hoof

So you see, even though there are teeny, tiny hooves all the way up to draft hooves, they are all trimmed a bit differently yet all sound and healthy.  

Looking at healthy hooves is a great way to assess the overall health of your horses' hooves.  So go ahead -- do some comparisons. What do you see? What are the differences?  Do you think ALL hooves from ALL areas can be sound?

Check some of the previous blog articles to read about different hooves and their situations. As always, comments and questions are welcomed. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!  I hope you've enjoyed this little pictorial journey!

Stay warm, stay safe and be happy!  




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