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  • Scoot Boot

    Revolutionary No-Fuss Hoof Boots

  • Scoot Boot

    Revolutionary No-Fuss Hoof Boots

  • Scoot Boot

    Revolutionary No-Fuss Hoof Boots

  • Scoot Boot

    Revolutionary No-Fuss Hoof Boots

Scoot Boot (one pair)

$250.00 Includes 1 FREE pair Trail Gaiters Spare straps and hardware

Scoot Boot (one boot)

$126.00 Includes 1 FREE pair Trail Gaiters Spare straps and hardware

Scoot Slims (one pair)

$250.00 Includes 1 FREE pair Trail Gaiters Spare straps and hardware

Scoot Slims (one boot)

$126.00 Includes 1 FREE pair Trail Gaiters Spare straps and hardware

Scoot Skins (one pair)


Endurance Gaiter Pack (2 Pairs)


Trail Gaiter Pack (2 Pairs)


Pastern Strap Pack

Hoof boots designed by a farrier that fit a larger fitting range, no cables or velcro, easy on easy off, secure fit, lightweight, low profile, excellent drainage.
  • Beautiful in blue

    Hitting the Trails! Taja loved her first outing in her gorgeous new Scoot boots💙👌

    Kim Dyer, Victoria, AUS

    Beautiful in blue
  • Loving Scoots

    I love my Scoot Boots. I ride about 100/miles a month on varied terrain with no issues. I’ve had to replace a screw and I changed the straps after hundreds of miles.
    (Please... no negative comments about his Nibble Not. Until you have ridden a hungry little Fjord in face high grass, you don’t understand the struggle.)

    Karen Woodward Kleveno, California, USA

    Loving Scoots
  • Scoot Boot Shims!

    I love the new Scoot Boot shims!!
    I tried them out today on one of my horses, and they were flawless! They fit into the boot perfectly and didn’t move at all during our 15-mile training ride. We went through a water and mud, and we walked, trotted, and cantered (okay, it was a gallop), and no issues at all.
    What I really liked about them is that for this horse, she’s a little too big for a size 2 but not quite a size 3. Previously, she’d had the size 3s move around a little, but there was no movement at all with the shims.
    Love ‘em!

    Jo Harder, Florida, USA

    Scoot Boot Shims!
  • Scoot Boots rocking it

    I have had my Scoot Boots for several months, but had been riding somewhat locally until last week. I spent a week in the mountains of Virginia (USA) and rode some technically challenging trails through water, rocks, sand, mud, steep inclines up and down - my Scoot Boots ROCKED those trails. I love them and my gelding does too. I recommend these boots to anyone who asks and even those who don't! Thanks, guys, for an amazing product for our equine companions!

    Kelly Adams, Virginia, USA

    Scoot Boots rocking it
  • Driving

    Scoots are brilliant for driving, we love ours too

    Jill Copeland, UK

  • First 20km endurance introductory ride of the season!

    On Sunday Tookinginnie Bossy Boots completed her first 20km endurance introductory ride for the season at Tinline Park Trainer and her first ever endurance event under saddle! She vetted through with a perfect vet card and brought home the vets choice award for the 20km distance.

    Cassie Organ, South Australia, AUS

    First 20km endurance introductory ride of the season!
  • Perfect day

    10.7 miles at Collierville Arlington Trails. Saw lots of wildlife including a few Cotton Mouths that were sun bathing and a cute Opossum! Scoot Boot's did well and only lost one randomly on a straight stretch, think it was from over reaching. No major rubs after going back to the gaiters. Perfect day.

    Sandy Hudson, Tennessee, USA

    Perfect day
  • A perfect fit

    Ellen Oberlies on behalf of

    Dr.med.vet. Britta Geiger, Ingersheim, Germany

    Thank you very much for your useful sizing-advice. The boots - finally we bought them in Germany because of the high amount of taxes- fit perfectly. I send you a photo of my daughter and her horse.

    Ellen Oberlies, Ingersheim, GER

    A perfect fit
  • Scooting Bailey Boy

    Kenina Fallon Platts very handsome Bailey Boy (Highland Laddie) a Highland cross Clydesdale. Pictured here enjoying a lovely day out driving wearing his Scoot Boot’s. Kenina told me Bailey Boy also likes to pop a jump or two and turn his hoof to Dressage with Ella Devon coming 6th out of 20. It is just wonderful to hear about Scooting Bailey Boy who loves to do it all. x

    Home of the famous Scoot Boot, Slims and Skins down under in Oz Scoot Boot’s http://bit.ly/2jSYZxm and Skins http://bit.ly/2jSYZxm

    Urban HorseUK Retailer of the famous Scoot Boot and the awesome Arioneo #Orscana

    Have you ever wondered if you can use Scoot Boot’s for driving? Well great news, yes you can.

    Home of Scoot Boot down under in Oz http://bit.ly/ScootBoots

    Urban Horse UK Retailer of Scoot Boot’s: http://bit.ly/ScootBootsUKRetailer

    Bella Giles-Smith (Bella UK Dressage Rider), UK

    Scooting Bailey Boy
  • #scootboottotherescue

    A puncture wound to the sole is not something horse owners want to have happen... But yay to scoot boot for making it possible to keep Beccies hoof poultice on and her hoof protected... Haven't had to use a scoot for injury yet, very glad I had the boots in the shed!! #scootboottotherescue #naughtyhorses #nocompetingthisweekend#bummer

    Emma Holland, Victoria, AUS

  • Scooty Skins

    New sets of scoot skins today for the Rocky Point Team.

    Kasey Thomson, Victoria, AUS

    Scooty Skins
  • Like a second skin

    Beautiful fit.......like a second skin!

    Kasey Thomson, Victoria, AUS

    Like a second skin

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